Seas Life was established to provide technical support for clients working in the marine environment, specialising in these areas:

  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Project development and funding
  • Marine communications and copy writing
  • Stakeholder management and dialogue

We also work closely with associates who provide specialist support in GIS, database development and creative design to support this work.

Over the last few years we have successfully completed short and long term contracts for a range of clients:

French MPA Agency

Development of a partnership project (PANACHE). Bringing together a partnership of 12 English and French organisations and leading them in the development of a successful project bid to the France (Channel) England Interreg programme.

Support in the development of a European MPA database


A report on the extent to which OSPAR and HELCOM regions and individual Contracting Parties have achieved ecological coherence in their MPA networks.


An assessment of ecological coherence for the OSPAR region. This report can be downloaded here. 

Amberjack Productions

Development of a charitable arm to support a feature film

If you want to get in touch to discuss a potential project please get in touch with us here.

Tom Hooper

Tom HooperTom has over 20 years project and technical experience. He has spent over a decade in the Western Indian Ocean working in Rodrigues (Mauritius), Tanzania and Madagascar. He has been based in South West England since 2004. He was formerly the Project Manager for the Finding Sanctuary project where he led a project team working with stakeholders to plan and design Marine Conservation Zones for the South West region. He also spent two years as Head of Marine Policy at the RSPB. He has worked closely with conservation NGOs and Government organisations across North Western Europe.